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Khazana, an Indian store located in Perth, Australia, specializes in offering traditional and party wear clothing, jewelry, and artifacts that reflect the rich cultural heritage of India. Seeking to revitalize its brand identity and enhance its digital presence, Khazana engaged Anata Digital to undertake a comprehensive rebranding initiative and develop an engaging online platform to showcase
its products and events.

Our Approach

Anata Digital adopted a strategic approach to address Khazana’s requirements and
deliver a cohesive and impactful rebranding solution. Beginning with the brand identity overhaul, our
team redesigned the logo and packaging to reflect Khazana’s cultural heritage while infusing a
contemporary aesthetic. The new brand elements were meticulously crafted to resonate with the target
audience and convey the essence of Indian tradition and elegance.

Website Development

For the website redesign, we leveraged WordPress to develop a visually appealing and user-friendly
platform that showcased Khazana’s diverse range of products and upcoming events. The website served
as a digital storefront, allowing customers to explore Khazana’s offerings and stay updated on the latest
collections and promotions.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing experts devised tailored campaigns to enhance Khazana’s online
presence and engage with its target audience effectively. By curating compelling content and leveraging
visually appealing imagery, we created a cohesive brand narrative across various social media platforms,
including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These campaigns aimed to increase brand awareness, drive
traffic to the website, and foster meaningful interactions with customers.

Results Achieved

The rebranding initiative and digital transformation led to several key outcomes for Khazana:

  • Elevated Brand Image: The redesigned logo, packaging, and website conveyed a refreshed and sophisticated brand image, resonating with both existing customers and new audiences..
  • Enhanced Online Visibility: The revamped website served as a dynamic digital hub, attracting visitors and providing them with an immersive shopping experience. The improved user interface and navigation facilitated seamless exploration of Khazana’s products and services.
  • Increased Engagement: The social media marketing campaigns generated heightened engagement and interaction on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. By fostering meaningful connections with followers and leveraging user-generated content, Khazana expanded its online community and strengthened brand loyalty.
  • Expanded Reach: The strategic use of social media marketing enabled Khazana to reach a broaderaudience and attract potential customers who resonated with its brand values and offerings. The campaigns contributed to an increase in website traffic and customer inquiries, driving business growth.

: Khazana faced the challenge of revitalizing its brand image and modernizing its digital presence to appeal to a wider audience while maintaining its cultural authenticity. The project required a complete overhaul of the brand identity, including logo redesign, packaging redesign, and website redevelopment. Additionally, Khazana sought to leverage social media marketing to engage with a new target audience and increase its brand visibility.

ClientKhazanaLocationPerth, Western AustraliaBudget$30,000 - $40,000Share
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